SSL Certificates

…Secure Site EV Extended Validation No Yes, SANs are 345 €/year for the first 2 domains 695 € Details DigiCert Secure Site Pro Organization Validated No Yes, SANs are 445… Continue Reading

Terms and Conditions

…achieve the same commercial result if they had known about the invalidity of the original provision. The same shall apply in case the provisions are incomplete. Date: September 24, 2009… Continue Reading

Tucows Statement on ICANN Legal Action

…the risks and consequences of continuing to collect, process and display unnecessary data. We look forward to, and welcome the clarity that will come from this legal action. 1 2… Continue Reading

Cookie Policy

…is a persistent cookie used to distinguish anonymous users. wfvt_1198721853 30 Minutes WordFence This is a persistent cookie used to distinguish anonymous users. wordfence_verifiedHuman 24 hours WordFence This… Continue Reading

As a Reseller, how do I know if my website meets ICANN requirements?

…page as well as ICANN’s Registrant Educational Materials. You can find the links to these pages below: Registrant Educational Materials: Registrants’ Benefits and Responsibilities: Do not display the ICANN… Continue Reading

GeoTrust SSL Products

…Support SANs are 27 €/year for the first 5 domains SANs are 131 €/year for the first 5 domains SANs are 100 €/year for the first 5 domains No Price… Continue Reading

GDPR and Whois Changes

…it helps to accomplish the original purpose for which the information was collected (registering the domain). This means that the public Whois system as it exists today is incompatible with… Continue Reading

General Information .UK

Country: United Kingdom Top Level Domain: .uk Available TLDs: .uk,,,,,, Whois Server: Registration Policy: Additional Notes: Transfers: The former registrar has to… Continue Reading