Terms and Conditions

…Right to Withdraw 2.1 The Customer applies to enter into the intended contract by complet- ing the online order form and sending it to EPAG via e-mail. The con- tract… Continue Reading

Introduction to the GDPR

…signed up for a subscription service, the kind that would send you a new product every month. Then, after signing up, you find out that the service does not ship… Continue Reading

GDPR and Obtaining Consent

…who sells services online should be looking into what changes they need to make to be compliant by the May deadline. What makes the GDPR different? This is not the… Continue Reading

What does data privacy mean to you?

…of the company’s European operations.” – Jon, Service Desk Analyst   “Privacy protects our reputations from harm. People judge harshly and unfairly, so the more control we as individuals have… Continue Reading

Domain Add-Ons

…TLDs. How can I activate Trustee Service? You can active Trustee Service at any time during the domain’s life-cycle. Trustee Service can be activated for one or more domains via… Continue Reading

Our new website is online!

…will find an extensive overview of our range of services and core competencies! Avaliable on your smartphone A new, mobile-friendly design – no more zooming or horizontal scrolling. Enlarged text… Continue Reading

Privacy Policy

…purposes: To establish and maintain responsible commercial relations with customers and to provide ongoing services and offers; To understand customer needs; To develop, enhance, market, or provide products and services;… Continue Reading

GDPR and Whois Changes

…and your own end-user service agreements. Whois Changes The Whois directory is a powerful tool. You can look up who owns a domain to find their phone number, email, even… Continue Reading

Registrant Information

…handling and abuse contact Registered Name Holders need to contact their domain service provider for any customer service requests on registered domains. Please direct all requests to change the registration… Continue Reading

Domain Pricing

…€ (1) .xn--j1amh 99.00 € (1) 0.00 € (0) 99.00 € (1) 99.00 € (0) .xn--kpry57d 34.00 € (1) 34.00 € (1) 34.00 € (1) 0.00 € (0) .xn--p1ai 89.00… Continue Reading